August 16, 2005

A World Gone Mad

  • Nationals 6, Phillies 3

Like a right-wing evangelical, the world I thought I knew has become confusing and frightening to me. Two four-homer games in a week? Four RBI from Preston "F****n" Wilson? An early lead? What in the name of Richard Ryan Short is going on here?

As a goodwill gesture I'm willing to give Preston a clean slate. All I want in return is playoff tickets and oh, let's say three grand to cover residual pain and suffering from his first month with the team.


Watson said...

The LaHaye/Jenkins reference is a little subtle. You might want to put Jerry Falwell in a Nats hat next time :)

Nate said...

Subtle is what I'm all about.

Watson said...

There is nothing subtle about Preston "F****n" Wilson.