August 10, 2005

I Want My Nats TV

As a DirecTV customer, I haven't been suffering as much as some others (and Nate lives in the city, and has RCN, and Watson also has DirecTV), but I do follow a lot of DC media, so I thought I would comment on this.

A number of restaurant owners have banded together to campaign to fix the situation in DC with the complicated broadcast rights. They have a good angle on this -- the impact of being able to show games in public places is one of the economic benefits of a sports team. The campaign was started by Mike Anderson,who owns and operates Mango Mikes, Simply Fish and Ramparts Restaurant and Sportsbar in Alexandria.

I think it's worth supporting. I'm watching for opportunities to go to these places.

Check it out:

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Nate said...

Baseball, beer and grassroots activism... what's not to love?