August 15, 2005

A Quintuple Header?

It's been a nice little evening of baseball. Started out with the beginning and eventually the end of the Nats victory in Philly. It was a stellar 6-3 win for Livan and company with Preston "F****N" Wilson going yard twice. Guzman tried to make things interesting with a boot in the ninth but the boys pulled through.

The excellent first course was followed by the last 40 minutes of the celluloid gem Major League. After watching the Wild Thing and the Tribe KO the Yankees it was over to perhaps the greatest baseball flick of all time The Natural. I was just in time to see Roy Hobbs aka "Bob Woodward" win the pennant for the Knights.

After those two gems it was off to the West Coast feeds to catch the Mariner's put the 6-0 hurt on Kansas City. One remote flick up is the Angels vs. the Blue Jays. I'm not going to make it to the end of those games but a little West Coast ball is good way to cap off the night.

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Nate said...

And I thought I was a couch potato.