August 20, 2005


  • Mets 1, Nationals 0

Well, another 1-run loss. Who would've thunk it. 0 runs on 5 hits? There are days when I hate this team.

Cause & Effect

From Bill Ladson at

[M]anager Frank Robinson said he is not afraid to use a Minor League pitcher down the stretch if Drese doesn't improve his work on the mound. But, according to a source familiar with the Nationals' Minor League system, the Nationals have nothing ready to compete in a pennant race right now. "That's why [interim general manager] Jim [Bowden] is frustrated," the source said.

Oh, so J.B. is upset by our lack of pitching depth? One wonders how such a thing could have happened... If Jim Bowden actually had the nerve to say that he is frustrated by our minor league pitching, he deserves to be drawn and quartered between the foul poles at RFK.

At a glance comparison -

Ryan Drese: 3-6, 4.98 ERA (as a SP for WSH)

Tomo Ohka: 4-4, 4.14 ERA (as a SP for MIL)

Claudio Vargas: 7-3, 3.35 ERA (as a SP for ARI)

Sunny Kim: 0-0, 4.50 ERA (as a SP for COL)

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