August 27, 2005

Ups and Downs

  • Nationals 4, Cardinals, 1

Note to Jeff Suppan: Thanks for skipping fielding practice. Note to little leaguers everywhere: Never give up on a slow roller up the 1st base line. Note to Esteban Loiaza: Just keep doing what you're doing, Stubby.

It's a CON-spiracy

Maybe this is why Comcast has a public image problem. They see I Want My Nats TV, a legitimate, locally-based, business-led protest movement, and label it an anti-cable crusade. Unable to comprehend that bar owners and patrons might have a legitimate gripe about not being able to see the local major league baseball team on local television, Comcast is attempting to position itself as the victim of powerful anti-cable special interests. Get a grip. Sit down, shut up, and televise the Nats. Do it now.

Up Next

The revolving door in the Nats bullpen continues. 28-year old lefty Matt White comes up from New Orleans to face the best team in the National League. Talk about a good news, bad news situation. Travis Hughes gets shuffled back down to AAA to make room.

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