August 30, 2005

Not fair

So I'm catching up on a few details in my office, and I happen to notice the division standings. With all the focus on the wild-card spot, I hadn't been actually watching our division standings.

There is just something wrong about being 67-63, a .515 average, and "only" being 7 games behind, and thus being last in the division.

That's just wrong.

Let's look at the NL Central -- St. Louis leads, and Houston -- our big competition for the wild-card -- IS 15 GAMES BEHIND. 15 games -- and that's second place. But wait, there is more. Milwaukee, third place, hasn't broken .500 at .489, and is 19.5 games behind. Last, Pittsburg, is 29.5 games behind.

Moving to the NL West, the leader, San Diego, has a .492 percentage. And Colorado, with their sad 52-79 record, is 12.5 games behind.

This really, really is wrong.

1 comment:

Nate said...

If the Nats were in the NL West we'd be printing playoff tickets already. But then again, the in-division road trips would be a cast iron bitch.