August 29, 2005

"We All Stink"

In therapy, this might be described as a breakthrough. As a fan, it was nice to see a player admit to what the fans have known for awhile now. So a thank you from me to Guillen for not hiding behind the "We've just got to get things going, we're still in this thing, tomorrow could be the turnaround" school of cliche. But what the hell were you thinking with that bunt?

I am considerably less satisfied with Jim Bowden's tirade. Said the G.M.:

"You know what? Be a man. Wake up, and do some damage. Or guess what? After that, Frank's going to do whatever he can do. . . . If they're not hitting, he might as well put other people in there. There are a lot of guys who can score no runs a game."

Yes J.B., there certainly are a lot of guys who can score no runs a game. And most of them seem to be Nationals. How do you suppose that happened? You built this team, why are you yelling at them? We should be yelling at you.

A Farewell to Arms

Ryan Drese looks to be done for the season, with surgery on his right shoulder probable. Ex-Nat Claudio Vargas picked up his 8th win for the D-backs last night. No commentary, just facts.

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Dave said...

Nate, I think you summed it up pretty well. As much as I wish there was something else to say....

Atlanta for the next 4 days. Either we'll win and be in it, or I think it's safe to say if we lose, we're done.