August 9, 2005

Let My Guzman Go!

All right, that's it. We've all had our fun, but this has got to stop. The Guzman-hating must come to an end. Say it with me people: "Goooz is not the problem." Goooz was batting .190 when we were winning 1-run games, and now that we're losing 1-run games, he's still hitting .190. Christian Guzman is what we like to call a constant.

Today the Post annointed Goooz, "the first player Nats fans love to hate." It goes without saying that I wasn't interviewed for this piece, because my vote would have gone to Preston "F***'n" Wilson, who swings at everything up to and including the bags thrown by the peanut vendors, and the is only outfielder I know qualified to take a seeing-eye dog onto the field.

The article uses Dennis Walsh of Bethesda as an example of a fan fed up with Goooz's performance. Mr. Walsh has vowed not to buy any more Nats tickets until the team benches Cristian. As soon as I'm done here I'm going to go out and enlist Dennis in my crusade to boycott kimchee until North Korea dismantles its nuclear arsenal.

Stadium Update

We've got artists conceptions! They may be bootleg, they may be unofficial, but they're pictures. According to the Post, the original plan to orient the ballpark northwest, which would have allowed the best monument views, was nixed by MLB because the setting sun would be in hitter's eyes. My thoughts: First, I'm not sure that's true. Second, since the Nats don't hit anyway that might qualify as a real home field advantage. Images courtesy of Ballparks of Baseball.


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