August 31, 2005

A Collector's Item

Deivi Cruz for Ben Cox? Sure, why not. I can stomach $136,000 for a utility infielder. But lest J.B. get any praise for this move, some stats:

Cruz's July batting average and OPS: .228 & .587 respectively. Positively Guzman-like. Now he's done better in August, but let's not go thinking this guy is the key to our offense. Before his benching Goooz was outhitting two other Nationals over the last month. Guess who? Brad Wilkerson and Nick Johnson. Maybe Deivi will help, I hope so. Goooz will certainly be a solid defensive replacement off the bench. And hopefully this will put an end to the "Let's make Ryan Zimmerman a shortstop" foolishness.

All I know for sure is my Guzman jersey is going to skyrocket in value, possibly becoming the only one of its kind in all the land. Unless Modell's dumps the leftovers in the 75% off bargain bin.

P.S. Goooz and his 4-year, $16 million contract are still going to be here next year. Watch this space for the "ReUse the Goooz" campaign to reinstall Cristian as the starting shortstop. Coming Spring 2006.


Dave said...

Glad you'll have something to do from October to April. ReUse the Gooz.

Nate said...

October to April is when I do my professional bow-hunting blog, Spear The Deer.