August 22, 2005

Long Division

Dave did the recap, so I'll do the big picture.

The Nationals have 26 games remaining against the NL East, including 7 games vs. the Braves. The Nats get no credit for playing in the toughest division in baseball, and it drives me nuts. Every one of our rivals is at least 3 games over .500. Have a look at the wild card standings. It's the NL East plus Houston. That's just ridiculous.

And we're doing it all on a shoestring budget. The Nats (roughly) $49 million payroll is the smallest in the division, $11 million behind the Marlins. The Braves and Phillies have payrolls of $86 and $95 million respectively, while the Mets are shelling out $101 million for the privilege of holding down the basement.

We're getting more value for our money than almost any other team in baseball (excluding of course, the Moneyball Athletics, who have a $55 million payroll). The Nats have the foundation for a solid team. We don't need to pay a guy $12 million to do anything.


Don't look now, but Goooz is hitting .241 for the month of August. In 16 games he's 13-54, with 4 doubles, 8 runs and 6 RBI. You go Goooz!

Ryan Church for leadoff man! The forgotten outfielder went 2-3 with a run, RBI and 2 BBs Sunday. This offensive outburst prompted MelRon Protorling to remind viewers that Church was slated to be the Nats opening day CF and leadoff man before he pulled a groin during that ridiculously cold exhibition game at RFK. I say back to the future!

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