August 15, 2005

Beyond the Field

While the Nats were in the midst of a genuine, bona fide, electrified, three-game winning streak, encouraging developments were taking place off the field as well.

Let the Price-Gouging Commence

Major League Baseball set (another) tentative timeline for the sale of the
franchise, which is beginning to look like a $450 million commodity. I don't care how much MLB charges for the team, but if the selling price is so high that it bleeds money from the team's operating budget I will personally lead the mob of angry peasants that tosses Allan H. "Bud" Selig in front of an Orange Line train to Vienna after a game. And I want an owner with ties to D.C. Ideally, the ownership group should include at least one person who has one of those home detention ankle bracelets that prevents them from leaving the boundaries of the District.

Looking Ahead...

A draft version of the 2006 schedule has the Nats playing a three-game series against the O's May 19-21 at RFK Stadium with another three games at Baltimore. Bring on the B-W Parkway caravan!

2008: A Baseball Odyssey

Redevelopment money is already circling the new stadium site, dramatically improving the odds that the Triple Play crew can get blitzed before and after, instead of just during the game. Also, a very cool blog tracks the revitalization of Near Southeast D.C.

The Junior Spivey Memorial Injury Award
Goes to Arizona Diamondbacks 1B Conor Jackson, who got himself "an eye that was black and nearly swollen shut after being struck by a ball that ricocheted off a metal frame while he was taking practice swings off a hitting tee Saturday." Batting practice tees... the silent killer.

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