August 3, 2005

Homers in RFK

I say (and I know Nate agrees with me) that the whining about hitting home runs in RFK ends. It's just done. We watched the Dodgers hit four -- count them, four -- homers last night at RFK.

From - "During batting practice, several Dodgers noticed that the best way to hit homers at RFK is to the gaps and down the lines, where each of Tuesday's four shots traveled.

"We kept them out of the middle of the field," Phillips said. "The middle of the field is big.""

We've been screaming this for ages. What's really curious is that all it took the Dodgers was one batting practice to figure this out, and it's the only trip here from the Dodgers all year. Every other team, including the home team, haven't figured this out.

That's just odd.

I also want to comment on Home Plate ump Jerry Crawford. For the entire 5th inning, the Nats Triple Play crew was watching Crawford spoon Brian Schneider and Dodgers catcher "Dave" Navarro. Every time Crawford bent down behind the catcher, he'd put a hand on the catcher's side, and it looked like he was spooning him. Way weird.

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Nate said...

Well said Dave. When JD Closser, Mike Lamb and Jason Repko prove it's possible to hit the ball out of RFK, it's time for Jose, Vinny and the gang to stop bitching and start pulling the ball.

Also people, there is no wave in baseball. None. Not so much as a ripple.