August 25, 2005


  • Nationals 5, Reds 3

Ho-hum, another 8.1 inning, 3 ER, 8K performance from John "Big Nasty" Patterson. When's he going to do something impressive, that's what I want to know? Like say for example pitching a complete game shutout. Oh wait, I was there. If John can keep swatting doubles like he did last night he might be able to jump back in to the Nats pitchers batting title race.

Mad props to The Chief for collecting his 40th save. John Wetteland who? It's nice to see that Guillen has discovered some home power, but no more of that Preston-esque fielding, ok Jose? Another solid night in the leadoff spot for ESPN Zone fan favorite Ryan Church, 1-3 with a BB, no Ks and a possibly broken toe. Welcome back, Wilkie.

Guzman JobWatch: Day 2

Maybe Cristian broke out the bucket of KFC and prayed to Jobu that Ryan Drese's arm would fall off. Or maybe Matt White has been working that voodoo down in N'awlins. In either case, a sudden outbreak of shoulder tightness has spared Goooz for at least a few more days. Suddenly the Nats need pitchers more than infielders. Goooz responded to his increased job security by having emergency dental surgery.

Hopefully, the Post's profile of Rick Short will be the publicity boost that insures Rick a September call up to the big club. What do the Nats have trouble doing? Hitting. What does Short do better than anyone in the minor leagues? Hit. Apparently you have to not be a GM to see the connection here.

The Ownership Tango

The Post is also reporting a nearly-complete lease deal for the new stadium, clearing the way for MLB to maybe, possibly, sometime in our lifetimes name an owner for the team. The new timeline: name an owner by Labor Day, transfer ownership by October 1st. Anyone want odds on that?

And finally, because I just can't resist: "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, Sidney."


Watson said...

I just cracked up at the last part in your post. You'd think a guy making millions a year could afford a driver or a cab.

Nate said...

At least we know he can afford a good attorney.