August 19, 2005


  • Nationals 2-5, Phillies 1-4

I'm okay with a series split, I really am. With a gun to my head I would have said that I expected to split the doubleheader. Just in the other direction, winning Armas's start and losing Drese's. But it's ok, because we won the game we should have lost, and lost the game we should have won. It all balances out, circle of life, karma, what have you. On to the Big Apple for a 3-game set with the Not-Yankees in the only major league ballpark that's more of a hole than RFK.

News & Notes:

Howdy and congratulations to John Thadeuz Halama, who pitched an inning of 1-hit relief in his Nats debut. Crafty way to avoid having to make a Sunday start. Proposed nickname: "The Llama."

A hearty "What the...?" to reliever Hector Carrasco, who's been unavailable to pitch the last few days because he injured himself trying to shag fly balls in batting practice. Hector, crashing into walls is Ryan Church's job, and it's all he has left. Stick to throwing at batters in close games.

Belated condolences to Matt "Bizilkie" Cepicky, who busted his knee all up earlier this week in New Orleans. A ligament is a terrible thing to tear. See you in spring training Bizilkie.

Farewell to Brandon "B. Dub" Watson, shipped back to New Orleans to make room on the roster for The Llama. He'll be back when rosters expand on Sept. 1st, but for now, follow the bouncing ball...

Matt Cepicky was brought up to fill Tony Blanco's roster spot when Blanco was injured. When Blanco came back, Sunny Kim was sent down, didn't clear waivers and was picked off by the Rockies. John Halama was signed to take Kim's spot down in AAA. Five minutes later, Cepicky was sent down in exchange for Brandon Watson, who got into all of 5 games before being sent down to clear space for Halama.

Does anyone else get the impression that Jim Bowden just does things for the sake of doing things?

Just Say "No" to Zimmerman

Listen up kids, this is very important. If someone comes up to you on the street and offers you a 21-year old third baseman, fresh out of college for your major league roster, just say "No!" If they tell you it's ok, he's got outstanding defense remind them how few 3B-to-SS conversions there are at the big league level, and that the kid has 5 errors in 51 games of AA ball. AA ball! When they praise his bat, point out that he has 30 strikeouts against just 10 walks, and your team has quite enough high strikeout guys, thank you very much. You might also mention that there are at least two guys on your AAA team worthy of a call-up, one of whom is hitting .399! Remember children, just say "No!" to Ryan Zimmerman. At least until next season.

And now for something completely different...

Congrats to the girls from McLean, Virginia who beat the girls from Orange, Connecticut 6-2 to capture that Little League Softball World Series. Take that, Nutmeg State, our suburbs are better than your suburbs. Frosty chocolate milkshakes for everyone!

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Dave said...

And what a comprehensive review.

I'm with Nate -- splitting the doubleheader and splitting the series is all I was hoping for, and we did both. Not the way we all expected, but hey, it worked. That seems to be the theme this season.