August 8, 2005

Looking forward

I wanted to do a bit of a recap, as well as a look forward.

Last week, I was actually at 4 games, which is a new one-week record for me. Tuesday the crew and I saw the Nats lose to the Dodgers, and we hoped to better times later in the week. Thursday, on a bit of a fluke, Nate and I saw the most amazing game I can think of from this year. The 7-0 shutdown was just a thing of beauty.... and thank goodness for that, because the rest stank. Friday's showing was just odd, what with crazy strike zones, Livan's tantrum, and our disappointment again -- oh, and Ludacris was at the game. The coolers they gave out were very nice, however. I went with Sharon's family to the game on Sunday, and watched the backup players suck as badly as the regulars. It was a beautiful day for a ball game, despite the stink from the field.

And here we are the night before the biggest road trip, a 13-game stint away from RFK. Quite simply, I think it's safe to say that this is it. No more excuses, no more reasons. Either they start winning enough games, or it's over. We can talk individual moves until we're blue in the face, but unless the boys in Red, White, and Blue start playing some baseball and delivering runs, playing good solid defense, and (keep on) delivering solid pitching, this year will be over.

The record stands at 58-53. Only 37 wins hits our initial lofty goal of 90 wins this year. To put this in perspective tho, 2004 had a record of 67-95, so it's very likely we'll at least do better than last year. 2003 and 2002 both had a record of 83-79. A .500 season is also not out of reach, and would be something we considered a fantastic year at the beginning.

In 13 games, we'll know what the target is. Either way, this has been a blast to ride. I can't help but have some high hopes, however.

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Nate said...

You also deserves combat pay for going to that painful Padres game with your in-laws.