August 14, 2005



How beautiful that is.

The Nats offense woke up, and decided to just pound out runs. John Patterson had another great game, and you can understand his frustration at losing the shutout. Glad to see the pitching holds themselves to some high standards. The big inning with 5 runs, including a 3 run homer by Johnson and solo homer by Guillen just opened up the game. Even without those, the boys in blue played good ball -- using singles and doubles to move men around the bases.

The road trip is coming along well right now. I'm psyched they had the weekend they did to come back east -- it won't be a straightforward easy set of games against the Phillies and the Mets, and the energy of the weekend will help. It also should remind these guys that they can play offense.

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Nate said...

As you leave Denver please remember that offense is a carry-on. If you check it, you may never see it again.