August 26, 2005

More of the Same

  • Reds 5, Nationals 3

At least it was a nice day for a ballgame. Dave & I managed to catch the last 4 1/2 innings at RFK, which is to say we got there just in time for things to go to hell. The team managed just one run through 8 innings, and Livan battled through a start when he obviously didn't have it. But the Nats had their chances. In the bottom of the sixth, with Preston on 3rd, Vinny on 1st and two out, Frank lifted Jamey Carroll for Carlos Baerga. Jamey, one of our best contact hitters, was 2-2 on the day. Both Dave and I thought this was a questionable decision, to say the least. Baerga grounded to third, inning over.

On another topic, this is why I think Mike Wise is a hack. Compare today's column with this one from exactly one week ago. I wonder if all those about-faces make him dizzy? Although he's dead right about Jim Bowden.

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