August 21, 2005

Coming home

The boys are coming home again. 25 home games left.

So at the beginning of the road trip, I commented that this was make or break time. Well, we didn't get a clear picture, but we have gotten something to take away from the road trip: we're still in it.

The games against Houston were not so good (1-2), but then the Nats did exactly what they were supposed to do in Colorado by taking the series. The split with the Phillies wasn't ideal (but certainly not the worst situation). The weekend against the Mets was good baseball. Losing the first two was unfortunate, as was Livan's breakdown, but (like Nate), I was proud to be a Nats fan on Saturday. Pulling back from that 8 run deficit was just a thing of beauty, and I can't be upset about the loss. Sunday started great - 6 runs in the 1st. The Chief didn't look so good in the 9th, in particular with that error that should have been a double play. (Then again, the Nats in general didn't look so good in that inning)

So what does this all mean? A trip record of 7 - 6, which is telling me that they are hanging in there. And better than .500 for the trip.

Just like Saturday night's game, the Nationals keep it very interesting. It's never boring.

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