August 10, 2005

Houston, We Have No Problem

  • Nationals 6, Astros 5

Cristian, you've got to work with me just a little. I go out on a limb every day to defend you. "He's got good career numbers, he makes up for it with his glove..." and this is how you repay me? Not only 0-4 at the plate, but bouncing a routine throw to first? Granted, you got hosed by 2B ump Wally Bell the play before, but Goooz you've got to buckle down. You're venturing into Preston "F****n" Wilson territory.

And speaking of Preston, he's got less job security than a Detroit autoworker these days. While I don't expect Brandon "B Dub" Watson to go 2-5 with a opposite field homer every night, he certainly could be the leadoff man for the rest of the season. Wilkie and Guillen occupy two OF spots, and unless B Dub has untapped potential as a shortstop he's taking the third. Which leaves Wilson where exactly? Even if Frank plays musical chairs in the outfield to rest people that's still a lot of salary on the bench. Not to mention poor Ryan "I used to be a contender" Church.

Much needed win for the boys in blue last night. Here's to hoping it's the start of a trend.


Watson said...

Double Zero? They have to find him a better number than double zero.

Dave said...

You mean you don't want the Watson jersey you buy to be exactly like the fan ones they sell custom for twice the price?

Nate said...

Hey, the money for Preston "F****n" Wilson's contract has to come from somewhere