February 22, 2011

Spring Training in Photos

Clearly we've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus here at NTP, but some things just can't pass unremarked. This is either a training exercise or a particularly unsavory clause in Jayson Werth's $126M contract:

Shots like that are why Mark Zuckerman gets paid the big bucks. Is that a camouflage bungee? Of course it is. Now for your daily double, speaking of big bucks:

Meet new 1B Adam LaRoche (center) and the Buck Commander Team, courtesy of Curly W Live. I'm with Mottram on this one, who would have guessed that replacing Adam Dunn would up the redneck factor at first base?

Finally, this is a few days old, but worth commenting on:

I'm not sure that Roger Bernadina can win the left field job outright over Mike Morse and Rick Ankiel, but I'm pretty sure he could bludgeon them to death if he had to. Those Dutch trainers must mix a mean protein shake.