August 8, 2005

On the Road Again

Big 13 game road trip coming up... 3 games against our wild card rival Astros; 3 games to visit old friends in Denver; 3 games in Philly vs. the Blunts; and finally a 4 game series against the NY Not-Yankees. These 13 games could very well decide the Nats season.

Welcome Watson

The revolving door in the Nats outfield continues. In, Brandon Watson; out, Matt "Bizilkie" Cepicky. Watson will play RF while Guillen rests his shoulder, which looks like it won't need surgery. Aside from providing Watson the opportunity to get a custom jersey, Brandon will also give the Nats a true leadoff hitter for the first time since... well, since before they were the Nats. Check out B.W.'s minor league stats.

Guzman Beware?

The Nats have found Goooz's replacement, 16-year-old SS Frank Cruz of the Dominican Republic. Frank should be ready for the big leagues just about the time Goooz's 4-year, $16 million contract expires. It's the easy transition from "Goooz!" to "Cruuuz!" that makes it all work.


Watson said...

I'm certainly hoping I have a new favorite player on the team :)

Nate said...

Gary Bennett?