August 12, 2005

The Texas Two-Step

  • Astros 7, Nationals 4
  • Astros 6, Nationals 3

The Nats 2nd half game of chutes and ladders continues, with too many chutes. The team came to Houston 2 games out of the wild card, they left 3 games out. It could have been worse. Like the team defense, which is beginning to look suspiciously like the team offense. Not hitting is one thing. Not hitting, running or catching is quite another.

3 of our 4 infielders have leg or foot injuries. Nicky's heel, Vidro's quad, and Vinny's knee basically reduce them to statues. They have no range, no speed and it's starting to affect their defense. Morgan Ensberg, caught in a rundown between 2nd & 3rd would have been out if (A) Vidro ran him down or (B) Vinny caught the ball. But neither of those thing happened and the Astros went on to score 3 more runs.

The Nats are clearly hurting, and I think it's time to sit some people down. Here's my proposed lineup, in batting order:

  1. CF Brandon Watson
  2. 2B Jamey Carroll
  3. 1B Nick Johnson
  4. RF Jose Guillen
  5. C Brian Schneider
  6. LF Ryan Church
  7. 3B Tony Blanco
  8. SS Christian Guzman
  9. P

Give Wilkie, Vinny and Vidro time off to rest and heal up a little. Put Preston "F****n" Wilson on the bench where he can't strike out or misplay a popup. Play some of the young guys, since we're rapidly approaching a "rebuilding year" anyway.

Broadcast Beat

The Washington City Paper has an interesting article about the Nats radio team, and insight on why it's impossible to listen to the game from the stadium.

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