July 8, 2005

What you talkin' about Wilson?

So I thought I'd chime in too. While I do have my faith in both Frank and Jim, I do wonder about this Wilson deal. I get my baseball tidbits from others, and I was coming off a morning of listening to Sports Radio 980 (which I never do, because I have XM radio) in my wife's car (which also only gets AM stations). The talking heads on the show that morning had on Bos -- the man, the myth, the legend -- from the Washington Post.

Bos was commenting on how much the Nats needed relief pitching. Ayala and Cordero have been working very hard. And I'm with him on that (both have racked up a ton of points for me in Fantasy). You simply can't expect more from the bullpen than you're getting, and quite frankly, it's not humanly possible. Those guys are going to make a mistake here and there, and it would be nice to have someone in the 'pen who could take a little of the load.

Do we need offense? Yeah, it would be nice to produce a few more runs. But Frank doesn't seem to leave guys in very long when he senses danger (Danger, Frank Robinson, Danger!), so some more arms would be good.

But maybe Nate is right -- maybe Jim thinks Zach Day's arm will fall off. If it does, give it to Gooz. He could use it as a bat. Nothing else seems to be working.

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Nate said...

Hopefully, now that the Spivey-for-Guardado deal is extremely unlikely (one-armed 2nd baseman anyone?) JB will focus on trading Day for some pitching.