July 19, 2005

To Live and Die in D.C.

Tom Boswell got it right when he said "One crisis will follow another as the night the day." when he was writing about the Nats. We’ve now lost eight of our last ten games, we’re only a half game in front of Atlanta, and we just lost at home to the Rockies who have the worst on the road record in baseball.

The entire world is crashing down on the Nationals and I find myself in the most peculiar of places. I’m still thrilled to death about baseball in DC. We’ve got a real-life, honest-to-god, major league baseball team on our hands. Sure, every loss is a dagger to the heart and every mistake or missed opportunity is a kick in the shins, but it’s a wonderful reminder of just how alive this team has made us. We finally get to live through the glorious ups and downs of rooting for a baseball team that’s ours. For the record I think we’re going to take the division, but whatever happens from here on out we’ve got an awful lot to live for.

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Nate said...

For me, it's more like every loss is a dagger in the shins, and every mistake or missed opportunity is like a kick in the heart.