July 8, 2005

Welcome to Nats Triple Play

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages... Welcome to the newest, latest, greatest, and most dysfunctional chronicle of the 2nd half of an inaugural baseball season ever seen on the world wide web.

More than enough has been written about the return of baseball to Washington, DC. The struggle, the passion, the heartache, the logistical nightmare. Reams of paper have been devoted to the team's surprising on-field success and the off-field machinations of local politicians, potential ownership groups, blood-sucking Baltimore baseball barons, and idiot cable TV franchises.

We intend to be more focused. While we will undoubtedly touch on all of the above topics and more, the driving force behind this blog is a fan's eye view (from Section 313 at RFK) of the Nats stretch run, the NL East pennant race and a potential playoff berth for the much-maligned former Les Expos de Montreal.

I'm Nate, the sole DC resident in the bunch, so I'll have a bit more to say on the local politics of baseball in the nation's capital. I'll let my co-conspirators introduce themselves in turn. For now, let's "Play (2nd half) Ball!"

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