July 8, 2005

Rocky Mountain High?

Sporting News has the Nats trading pitcher Zach Day and minor league outfielder JJ Davis to the Rockies for outfielder Preston Wilson.

I am not amused. Wilson's current stats: .258 average, .322 OBP, 14 homers, 45 RBI. And that's in the rarified air of Coors Field. You don't trade young pitching for a career .265 hitter who averages less than 20 homeruns a year.

Jim Bowden's trades falls into two categories: the Jose Guillens, and the Alex Escobars. I predict this will be an Alex Escobar trade. Maybe Zach Day has a rare disease that will cause his pitching arm to fall off at the elbow.

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Watson said...

I agree with holding on to young pitching, but Frank and management have given up on Day. If they aren't confident in him better to move him on and go in another direction. Besides, Wilson could be a good pickup.