July 31, 2005

Found on the Post

I found this on the Washington Post this morning:

"The Nationals' recent collapse at the plate and on the field overshadows the big picture of a hustling team that has played much better than anyone expected in front of large, appreciative crowds. This, despite a home stadium not equipped to handle big crowds on a daily basis, without an owner, restricted by a payroll capped at about $50 million and a major disaster from the outset in getting games on TV to the most people. Suggestion to fans and the manager: Take a deep breath and enjoy."

Well said.


Nate said...

For perspective, if someone had told us on April 3rd that on August 1st the Nats would be in 2nd place in the NL East and 1 game back in the wild card race, we'd have been very, very ok with that.

None of which changes the fact that they've been inexcusably sucky lately.

Dave said...

It was just painful getting there. :)