July 8, 2005

Leading off for Triple Play....

So you're supposed to start these things off with an introduction, and I'm going to lead off here.

I'm Dave, and I'm the least baseball knowledgeable of this crew. Think of me as your color commentator. I'm a baseball fan because it's the best sport to socialize with -- drinking beer during the summer in a fun outdoor environment with friends, interrupted by exciting moments of sports. What more can you ask for?

This has been a great year for me and baseball, because I know more than 4 player names at any given moment. The last time this happened was when I was 7 and was an Orioles fan, and knew Cal, Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, and Rick Dempsey. So knowing a bunch of players again is wonderful, and this team is making it worth it.

And yes, we play fantasy with one another. I'm loaded up with Nats -- despite Watson's badmouthing -- including Wilkerson, Guillen, Vidro, Hernandez, C. Cordero, and Ayala. And yes, I'm also currently second from the bottom.


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