July 9, 2005

Philadephia Freedom

To be fair, I didn't get upset when the Nats blew a 3-run lead, I got upset when they blew TWO 5-run leads, 5-0 and 8-3. But the game did produce two of the more entertaining plays I've seen all year. Phillies relief pitcher Geoff Geary came up to bat in the bottom of the fourth inning and promptly fouled Ryan Drese's pitch straight down into home plate, where it rebounded and struck him square in the forehead, nearly knocking him unconscious. It's only funny because he was okay.

Later, with Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins on first, Drese botched a pickoff throw to Carlos Baerga, and as the ball rolled into right field, Baerga attempted to climb over Rollins to get to it. At one point Carlos was more or less squatting on Jimmy's head. Carlos did have a nice 3-run home to balance out his questionable fielding technique.

Nats NL East Lead: 2.5 games

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