July 10, 2005

Out with a Whimper...

  • Philles 5, Nationals 4 (12 innings)
Solid if unspectacular pitching from Esteban "Stubby" Loiaza, and another road homer from Jose Guillen weren't quite enough as our Nats went into what has become a disturbingly common late-inning choke-a-thon at the plate, and Gary "Tex" Majewski gave up a two run homer to Phillies 1B Ryan Howard, a ball that looked for all the world like it was hit to straightaway center with a fairway wood. Thankfully our closest rivals, the Atlanta Native Americans and the Florida Sport Fish were equally inept, so it remains:
  • Nats NL East Lead: 2.5 games
On a brighter note, one of the upshots of being a cash-strapped orphan franchise is that it keeps you from making trades for overpriced, mediocre outfielders with Rocky Mountain-inflated stats. Yes, much to Dave and Nate's mutual relief, the Preston Wilson deal appears to be circling the drain. Unless Jimmy B agrees to throw in Junior Spivey's batting tee, and accept a truckload of Rocky Mountain oysters, it looks like we may be spared the sight of a .265 career hitter launching flyouts to medium deep centerfield at RFK.

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