July 13, 2005

All-Star Madness

The Triple Play crew, along with assorted spouses, accomplices and friends with benefits, will be watching tonight's MLB All-Star Game at Coyote Ugly in downtown DC. As a test to see if anyone other than us actually reads this thing, anybody who correctly identifies Dave, Watson or me out at the bar gets a free Miller Light (Dave's beer of choice).

Update: Turns out that Coyote wasn't even showing the game, we got some bad info. Apologies to the dozens of fans who turned out for our Miller Light challenge.


Dave said...

Not that we've posted pictures of this to make it easy on anyone. :)

Maybe we ought to do that.

Watson said...

Nah, make 'em work for it.

Nate said...

I'm thoroughly convinced we'd be easy to spot because we look like we sound.