July 17, 2005

Now that's more like it

So the boys in blue broke the downward slide.

Watson and I watched the game at a crab feast hosted by our friends Dale and Nora. (We aren't sure where Nate was). As I had hoped, Guillen the Barbarian must have been pissed off enough by Friday. His two-run single in the seventh inning snapped a tie, leading the Nats to the 5-3 victory. I think we all needed it. And I do think Frank should mail that DVD to the league. While it can't change the outcome of the game, this shouldn't just be left alone.

It's impressive to read about Guillen this morning. The Times, ESPN, and the Post are all discussing the injuries, and how much pain he's playing through. You do get the sense he cares a lot about Washington, and Frank in particular, and it shows.

This afternoon we face Tomo Ohka. Nate and Watson are far better on commenting on that.

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