July 24, 2005

Weekend recap

My weekend recap.

Saturday night, Nate and I caught the game from the Glory Days in Fairfax. That first inning did the trick for the Nats, who looked great. I have to rant about Mel Proctor and Ron Darling during this game. In the 5th inning, they just couldn't stop talking about Armas and the no hitter. Of course, the quickest way to jinx a no-hitter is to talk about it continously, and of course, in the 6th, Mel and Ron's jinx set in, to let that homer that brought in 2. Cordero proved he can't live except under pressure, and let in two hits to make the ninth interesting.

Sunday afternoon, I was with Sharon and a going away party for a friend of hers, so I actually started watching the game on TiVo starting at about 4pm -- until I ran out of TiVo. I set it for 4 hours. Who would have thought I needed more than that? I actually watched the whole 4 hours, and just made sure not to see any scores or work on the web somewhere that would show me the score as I did that. It was a good pitchers battle. The 8th inning proved disappointing. Men on 3rd and 1st with no outs, and then Schneider, Church and Wilkerson can't get anything going. Disappointing.

Guillen's injury was a very unfortunate occurance in the 9th. With only one man left in the 9th, going into extra innings is rough. When Tex came in for the 11th, I was reminded of his 97 MPH pitches Saturday. Wowza. Of course, then he had to bat in the 11th.

So I saw all the way to the top of the 14th inning, with men on 1st and 2nd, with a 1-1 count, and ran out of TiVo. So I had to read about the loss on ESPN.com


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