July 26, 2005

What channel is the game on?

So I get home from work yesterday and before I have to meet Dave to see the Island (Review: summer popcorn flick worth seeing once, not necessarily on the big screen) I want to catch the early innings of the Nats game. I turn on my DirectTV and it says Nationals vs. Braves 7:30 but the screen is blacked out. Confused I check DC20 to see if it's on there, again no luck as they're showing Everybody Loves Raymond. Then I figure since it's the Braves it's on TBS. What the hell, they're showing Raymond too. I flip back and forth between the channels for awhile never finding the game. Rather pissed off, I head off to meet Dave.

I'm a little early to the theater so I call Nate to get a score update and the conversation goes like this:

Watson: "Hey, what's the score?"
Nate: "I don't know, I'm not watching it, it's only on directTV. Let me hang up and call you back."
Watson: "I'm in the mall and reception sucks, you won't be able to call me back."
Nate: "I can't hop online and talk to you."
Watson: "Fine, I'll find out after the movie."

After I hang up Dave shows up and we walk toward the theater when my phone rings again. It's Nate and he points out there is no game on Monday and that we're both idiots.

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