July 30, 2005

The slide

The Triple Play crew met up last night a little late, and watched the end of the game at Carpool in Arlington. And the slide continued, and we continued to watch.

Watson then lamented that "the blog is drying up". I don't think so -- I just think we're running out of ways to say "the Nats suck right now" and "they lose again". Being clever that way gets hard to say on the 14th loss in the past 17.

Bos had a good article this morning. Yes, we're no longer leading the NL wild-card race. Yes, we've fallen behind.

But we also now know that this is the team. Says chief Bowden: "Look around [the] locker room. These are the guys we are going to war with."

And his most important quote I read this morning: ""What's different about the first half?" he asked them. "We've got the same people here. . . . Why can't we do it?""

There's a statement I can agree with . What's different? Essentially, nothing. The team is just in a funk, and they have to shake it off. Nothing more complicated than that.

As for the blog -- If you'd like I can rant about flip-flops again.

1 comment:

Nate said...

I think you should reserve one post a week to rant about inappropriate footwear. One week could be clogs, then birkenstocks, then topsiders... maybe aquasocks.