July 12, 2005

Bobby Abreu's Big, Swinging... Bat

Holy Crap, 41 Home Runs?

Sure, I know they're just taking batting practice, and the balls are practically as big as softballs up there, but that's just ridiculous. Not only did Bobby out-homer David Ortiz, Andruw Jones, Carlos Lee and Mark Teixeira, he out-hit anyone in the history of the Homerun Derby. By a mile. He had 24 homers in the first round. Only two guys had more than that in the first half of the season. That's just silly. Congrats to Bobby and all his Venezolano brethren.

Programming note: Nats Triple Play is now listed on the DC Metro Blogmap, a move sure to double our readership... from 3 to 6.

1 comment:

Watson said...

I think they need to change the format. I hate it when a guy gets enough homeruns to advance and then quits. It should be cumulative dingers. Of course if it was cumulative everyone else would have quit in the first round after seeing Abreu get medieval with the bat.