July 19, 2005

Finding ways to loose

Thankfully, we were spared from watching the loss, but I think Frank summed it up for all of us -- "the worst game we played all year long. It is not acceptable and will not be acceptable. ... I am not going to accept that. ... It is a lack of execution, as far as I'm concerned. We are not executing, offensively and defensively."

The discussion last night was whether or not to sit Guzman -- Frank's statements are that if it was Gooz alone causing the problem, he'd sit him.

My thought is that you need to do something to shift the wind a little. Sitting Gooz might be that.


Nate said...

I know I agreed with you last night, but my Guzman jersey worked its voodoo on me in my sleep. I don't think benching Goooz is a long-term solution. He's not a utility infielder, he certainly can't pinch hit. If he's not the everyday SS, he has no value to the club at all. And we can't trade him, because there's no market for a non-hitting SS making $4 million a year.

Dave said...

I agree it's not a long term solution -- I say just a little time off, let him work on his swing, and then we pull him back up.