July 22, 2005

"Things are going bad''

`Things are going bad,'' first baseman Brad Wilkerson said. ``They keep swamping on us right now.''

You said it Wilkie.

`What we're going to have to do,'' Nationals manager Frank Robinson said, ``is get this thing going before we fall too far behind.''

Yeah, that would help Frank.

The good news is that Livan cooled down, and he's going to stick around. '`I feel good today. Not 100 percent, but I feel much better, and I'm not going to miss a start,'' Hernandez said.

My meeting last night was a horrible, torturous experience -- and that sounds like it put it on par with attending the game.

The Nats Triple Play crew is not going to any more of this series. Watson is out of town for the weekend. (I'm emailing Nate in a minute to ask if he wants to watch Saturday's game somewhere out).

Things have to get bad before they can pick up sometimes -- I think I'm ready for the tide to turn, and I'm going to have some faith now that they can do it. I'm not going to play this game. You can't blame new fans. You just have to teach them. (And if I sat behind those two guys they described as talking about a legal case -- I'd yell louder).

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