September 4, 2005

"W" Stands for Duck Snort

  • Nationals 5, Phillies 4 (12 innings)

While Dave and Watson got to witness the magic of a comeback win live, I got to channel surf, thereby catching not only the Nats stirring comeback, but also UVA's opening-day pasting of Western Michigan (sure, I know... but a win's a win). Go Hoos!

Mad props to Preston "Duck Snort" Wilson for his game-winning cue shot that just got over the head of fat-but-powerful Phillies 1B Ryan Howard. A sympathetic pat on the head for The Chief, who is unaccustomed to pitching with a three run lead, and showed it by giving back all 3 runs in short order. Better now than in the NLDS Chad.

The injury train rolls on, with Nicky expected to join Vidro on the bench after aggravating his injured heel. And can we please get some help for the bullpen?

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