September 26, 2005

And We All Fall Down

  • Mets 6, Nationals 5

Forget moving the fences in at RFK, maybe we ought to think seriously about moving them back. Unless Mike Piazza decides to go DH in Los Angeles of Anaheim next year... and takes Mike Jacobs and David Wright with him. If I hear so much as one word from Jose (0-15 and counting) Guillen in the offseason about the fences at RFK, I'm going to find him and beat him to death with Tony Armas Jr.'s right arm. You know, the one he's not using to pitch.

There was a time when this team was 50-31, I swear there was. Of course, that's easy to forget seeing as how we've gone 28-47 since then. If we play .500 ball from here on out (and I see no reason to think that's possible) we will have achieved a perfect inversion of our first half record. Pitiful. And oh by the way, we've also fallen behind the Mets into last place in the NL East. I'm not sure how many teams have gone from leading their division at the all-star break to finishing dead last, but I think there's about to be one more.

In Other News

Land acquisition for the new stadium has hit the first of what I'm sure will be many roadblocks. Learn to love RFK. And the Not-Jeff-Smulyan for owner campaign has picked up two more converts. T. Boz and DC Council chair Linda Cropp both have the same message for MLB. No more Bob Shorts.

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