September 20, 2005

It is to Laugh

Yep, we should be getting those playoff ticket invoices any day now. Thank goodness, I was getting worried. If (when?) the Nats don't make the playoffs, ticket holders can have their money refunded or credited towards next season. No word on the 3rd option: chipping in toward J.B.'s bus ticket out of town.

MLB swears up and down it wants an owner for the team before the playoffs, but claims the holdup is the DC city council and the
lease for the new stadium. If memory serves, this is the third bogus deadline MLB has self-imposed (All-Star Break, end of August) so I'm assuming it means nothing. And blaming the city is getting to be old hat. I put up with it during the initial relocation, but there's no reason the city should rush to nail down the lease details before MLB has assured us that the owner will have strong, authentic (not Jeff Smulyan) local ties.

Quote of the Day: In 13 games against the Robinson-managed Montreal Expos from 2002 to '04, Bonds hit five homers, drove in eight runs, walked 17 times and hit .306.
"We haven't completely shut him down," Robinson said. "But we contained him."

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Dave said...

And yes, the invoice arrived for ours this afternoon. I'll point out that our normally $30 tickets are $104 a game for the post season.

Yeah, that makes sense.