September 16, 2005

The Long (Intentional) Walk

  • Nationals 6, Mets 5 (10 innings)

Now coming to the plate, an aging, limping once-power hitter (Kirk Gibson, anyone?). On deck, an aging, retiring 3rd-string catcher. You're Rick Peterson, the Mets pitching coach. Once the keeper of Zitos, Hudsons and Mulders you've been reduced to wrangling the occasional non-blown save out of Braden Looper.

You stride to the mound in the top of the tenth and inquire of Roberto Hernandez whether he'd rather pitch to Vinny Castilla or Keith Osik. When Hernandez expresses a desire to pitch to the batter with 1,815 career hits you stifle a mad cackle, suggest a fastball away and shuffle back to the dugout.

End result: Bang! Zoom! go the (metaphorical) fireworks! Nats win, Nats sweep and Rick Peterson slips a little deeper into madness.

The effect of this sweep on our playoff chances has been exhaustively documented. But this win also puts us closer to two laudable secondary goals. The Nats are now just 6 wins away from an 82-win season and a +.500 finish. The 3-game sweep also put us 4.5 games ahead of the Mets, making it that much more likely we'll finish ahead of $100 million worth of baseball team.

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Watson said...

It's too bad Rick Short wasn't up. Then you could have made a word play on taking a long (intentional) walk off a Short pier.