September 7, 2005

Throw a rookie to the wolves

Watson and I are likely to disagree on this point (as we did in IM last night), but I think yesterday's move to have Darrell Rasner pitch was a huge mistake. Here's a brilliant idea -- because the rotation is only 3/5ths there, let's pull up a rookie from double-A ball and throw him out there. Yeah, that'll work.

Watson's point was that he only let up 3 runs. My point is that we seldom score that many. Despite our good run of late (which I'm very much enjoying, mind you), the Nats are a defensive and pitching team, not an offensive one. Rasner looked good in two innings, but shutdown in the third. These days, the Nats need to hold pitching at least until the 4th inning.

The Fish are in town for two more days. Tonight's starter is Halama, so here's pulling for it.


Nate said...

The beauty of this argument is that you and Watson are both right. It's lunacy to call up a rookie from Double-A to pitch a division game in the midst of a pennant race. But thanks to the departures of Vargas, Ohka, Day & Kim, the Nats had no other options.

Watson said...

Regardless of who's pitching for the Nats, they should have taken "Call Me" Ishmael to the cleaners.

Boswell's email column talks about our lack of pitching depth and how ludicrous it is.