September 6, 2005

Ah, labor day weekend.

Friday night I had a quiet night at home, so I didn't catch the game.

Saturday I spent relaxing at home, and was supposed to take my parents to Saturday night's game. Dad ended up very sick, and didn't travel up to DC for the weekend, so Sharon and I went with Watson. A game Watson and I loved, and Sharon's most dreaded words -- "Extra Innings". The rare Cordero blown save was pulled out of the fire, and the game went the way we wanted and was a huge win.

Sunday the gang, led by Sharon, took me to Kings Dominion, and we heard about the big win on Sunday while waiting in line at the Grizzly.

And Monday, for my birthday, the Nats gave me a birthday present of another big win to open the series with the Fish. A game Sharon would have hated (as it was a pitching battle for most of it), but we ate it up. What a day.

And the train stays on the track and keeps rolling.

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Nate said...

My list of best Kings Dominion coasters:

1. Volcano
2. Hypersonic XLC
3. Anaconda
4. Rebel Yell
5. Grizzly