September 27, 2005

Some good news.

I swear, I haven't been posting because I'm busy, not because I don't care.

"They see the finish line and they don't want the season to slip away," Nationals manager Frank Robinson said. "They want to finish above .500. They have pride." (From ESPN's recap)

And that's how I feel. I know Watson's a little burned out right now, and Nate is watching the sinking, but you know, I have a little pride. I'm dwelling on some of the good. First off, we had baseball where we did not have baseball before. That's a good thing. The fact that we all have something to complain about and pick apart is better than last year.

Second, this year's showing is better than last. Last year's 67-95 season is a thing of the past. This morning, we're 79-78, and we're continuing to do battle.

Third, the Nats caught some of the imagination of this town. I had the distinct non-pleasure of driving through the city on Saturday, and saw more 'W' caps and Nats T-Shirts than I have ever seen. It's nice that the city cares.

Washington is 10th in total attendance. We beat Philly, Atlanta, Baltimore, Texas, and Florida in attendance. (It wasn't hard to beat the Fish in this one). And we notably are ahead of Boston in total attendance. Who are we looking upwards to? New York's teams, San Fran, Chicago, LA, San Diego, and one up from us Houston. (See this set of stats for attendance numbers.)

And finally, for those who say these games don't matter -- one more loss knocks the Marlins out of contention. I say Washington should be the ones to take them down.

I'm on the road Thursday and Friday, and looking forward to sitting in 313 on Sunday to catch the last game.


Nate said...

Hi Dave, I thought you were dead.

Dave said...

No, not dead yet.