September 29, 2005

Sweeping with the Fishes

  • Nationals 11, Marlins 7

Back-to-back 11 run offensive outbursts. Too little, too late you say? Indubitably. But a good sign nonetheless from a team that looked simply incapable of generating that much offense. Ever. Against anyone. Nicky had a good night, 3-5 with 4 RBI and 3 runs scored. Preston provided a on-his-way-out-the-door highlight with a 3-run homer and 5 RBI. But most importantly, the Nats secured a .500 season, and need to take only 1 of 3 from the Phillies to make their first season in DC a winning one.

The Post's Nats Notebook takes a look at Marlon Byrd's resurgence. Hitting .243 before his demotion and .306 since his return, one of the keys to Byrd's success seems to be his work with minor league hitting instructor Mitchell Page. Hmmm... a batting coach who actually improves players' batting... what a novel idea.

Oh Good, More Uncertainty

As if the whole ownership-stadium mess weren't convoluted enough, DC Mayor Anthony Williams is on the verge of announcing his decision not to seek a 3rd term. Tony's retirement is a serious blow to pro-baseball interests, and removes one of the Nats strongest supporters from city government. Of course, Tony Bowtie was no lock to win reelection, but he was the natural candidate of the city's business and development interests. It will be interesting to see what kind of monkey wrench this throws into the on-going stadium lease negotiations. With Williams a lame-duck, Council chair Linda Cropp becomes the point person for DC government, and she's no particular fan of Bud Selig and MLB. She is, however, opposed to carpet-bagging outside ownership groups, which is good.

Meanwhile, Bud assures us that an announcement on the new owners will be made as soon as possible. Even in the middle of the World Series, if necessary. On Capitol Hill for another round of steroids hearings, Selig said, "I understand why [a decision on the sale] should be made quickly. . . . We're trying to move as fast as possible." Now Bud, it's not nice to lie to Congress.

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