September 14, 2005

Remember Los Angeles of Anaheim!

  • Nationals 4, Mets 2

Hector Carrasco started, The Chief finished, and in between Frank got tossed for questioning umpire Joe Brinkman's visual acuity, personal hygiene and parentage. All that was missing was Mike Scioscia in the opposing dugout threatening to "undress" our relief pitchers. Oh, and somewhere in there the Mets screwed up often enough to hand the Nats a victory. Note to Jose Offerman: You don't need to tag up on a ground ball. Thanks though.

The Forbidden Love Between a Man & His Pitchers

It's a safe bet that John Halama won't be with the Nats next year. When asked if he regretted yanking Halama after 2/3 of an inning and forcing the bullpen to work like Alabama field hands in a 12-1 loss to the Marlins, Robinson said, "I'm not going to sit there and have him go ball one and ball two, ball three, ball four. I don't care if it was two outs, he was one hit away from disaster." As opposed to say, the rest of the bullpen, who were collectively 11 runs away from disaster?

In other odd managerial moves, Robinson also appeared to question John Patterson's toughness. "I can't tell you how long it takes to recover from what he had. But it's kind of a little sorry to accept that somebody would say on Friday or Saturday -- four days in advance -- that, 'I can't pitch on Tuesday, but I can pitch on Friday." I swear to God, if the Nats coaching staff "loses confidence" is another starting pitcher between now and October 2nd, I'm reserving Cap'n Hook a seat on the same out-of-town bus as J.B.

Whaling on a Dead Horse

Goooz's line from last night: 2-3, 1R. For the month of September: .320, 4R, 2RBI.

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