September 24, 2005

It Was the One-Armed All-Star Shortstop

Yes, the Nats lost last night 5-2 to the Mets in 10 innings. No, I don't want to talk about it. I want to talk about the most recent chapter in Rafael Palmeiro's steroid odyssey. The one where he takes a page from The Fugitive and blames his troubles on the mysterious other man. The problem is, instead of making something up, Raffy decided to attempt to pin the blame on Miguel Tejada. Come on, if Palmeiro learned nothing else from the Congressional steriod hearings (other than not to point at Congress) it should be that you don't try to blame one of the most popular, respected men in baseball. After all, it was fingering Raffy that did in Canseco's credibility. I mean, if you're Rafael Palmeiro, and you're looking for a credible scapegoat, how do you miss the fact that Sammy Sosa's right there in the clubhouse?

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