November 30, 2005

25th Man?

Surely Bill Ladson, scribe of the front office's house organ, wouldn't flat out lie to us? If Rocket Bill is to be believed, Brendan Harris has a future with the Nationals. Pravda DC has the scrappy, dare I say Carrollesque infielder competing for a bench spot in 2006.

After leading the Nats Arizona Fall League team with a .376 average, Harris batted .500 (6-12) over 5 games for Team USA in Olympic qualifying competition. A strong fall season at the plate, combined with error-free fielding at 2B, 3B and SS revived the Nats interest in Brendan, who fell off the team's radar after a rough 2005 spring training. Harris got a short cup of coffee with the big team this year, going 3-9 with a pinch hit homer, but if there's a Flying Spaghetti Monster in Heaven he'll play a much larger role in 2006.

Sadly, a larger role for Brendan is equivalent to another nail in Jamey Carroll's coffin. I hold out hope that Jamey will accept a one-year contract to be the Nats roving bunting instructor until such time as we can trade Marlon Anderson to a team that can afford a million dollar lefty pinch hitter.

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