November 18, 2005

Google Bombs Away!

Bud Selig is a national disgrace, not that you needed me to tell you that. Der Selig's latest mealy-mouthing on the Nationals:

"We want to move as expeditiously as possible. I'm very sensitive about all these issues... We need to select an owner. We need to get a lease done. We just need to move ahead."

As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger, "What's this we stuff, cowboy?" Bud is the one who still has three ownership interviews to conduct. If that's what $100,000 and the promise of $450 million more gets you in the way of personal service from the Commish, no wonder baseball owners are all grouchy SOBs.

One faint ray of hope comes from the rumored merger talks between the Lerner family and former Atlanta baseball exec Stan Kasten. The Lerners have the deep pockets and family control, Kasten has the baseball-insider mojo, and no one named Smulyan is involved. What's not to like?

Today's Post also reports that the city council reacted favorably to plans for the new stadium. I'm remaining agnostic until I see pictures. Speaking of the stadium, negotiations continue at roughly the speed of cold molasses. Capitol Punishment and Curly W have the in-depth analyses.

Beantown Bound Bowden Redux

Trader Jim gets a 2nd interview with the Red Sox, putting him in the same category as the ex-Orioles GM who's not Mike Flanagan, and a host of nameless candidates possibly including Screech. (And I don't mean Dustin Diamond.) Please Boston, take him before he trades Brad Wilkerson for Juan Encarnacion. We'll even throw in Tyrell Godwin!

Thankfully, J.B.'s busy interview schedule didn't prevent him from treating free agent SP A.J. Burnett to a hamburger Happy Meal with all the trimmings at a Miami-area McDonalds. Behold the power of the $50 million payroll. The Nats' free agent marketing campaign, "Washington: It's like Tampa Bay but with slightly more money and less organizational talent!"

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